Your Hosts:  Marcella & Ray 
& Blitz (Scheepdog) & Amigo (Wolfdog)
This happy family has been creating this Shangrila since 2003 and moved to 
Echo Island ,on Harrison Lake, in 2006 permanently.
As the only Residents on this 2400 acre Island,
we are privileged to share 
this Paradise on Planet Earth with YOU. 
   We welcome You to experience a new Dimension!                                                 
on Planet Earth
Our newest member of the family:

Magic Mayi
We love 
  this special place
Planet Earth
"On Top 
of the World"
our Wolf dog passed away on January 10th 2012.
He was 15 years old and loved his free LIfe on Echo Island.
Once in a while we still hear him haul!!