You are guided
   Goddess Marcella

    for registration please     phone:604 798 2244  
 or e-mail me: 
[email protected]

   Happyness into your Heart

            when you do take part         

 LOVE & Light

Here some pictures
 of your possible future creations:
Goddess Jewellery Classes
in Elfinlau Paradise
.You get to create: 
 8 pair of Gemstone earrings @ $10.00 each  =   $80.00    + Copper stand

                1Copper energy Spiral          @               $20.00
                1Suncatcher hanging Agate @               $22.00
                1Mt.Cheam Crystal                @               $33.00
                   set in Sterling Silver                          ------------
                                                        total Value   :   $155.00

You will be picked up on the Goverment Dock at : 10:44 am
After a Boat ride on beautifull Harrison Lake 
    you arrive  in Elfinlau on Echo Island           at : 10:55 am
                                    classes start                   at : 11:11 am
We'll have a break with complementary Lunch
and continue t'll departure at 4:00pm
             Your total Cost  :  $122.00   all material is included
Gemstone Jewellery & Creation Classes with Gems from all over the World
 Special feature:BC Jade,Fraser Valley,MT.Cheam Crystal and Fraser River Agate
set in precious Metals like Sterling Silver,Copper& 14karat gold filled Wire